It Just Trolls Off The Tongue


A couple of things happened this week that made me stop and wonder whether we could just gather up all the online trolls in the world, give them all something sugary, a glass of champagne and a massage in the vain hope that they may just, even for a minute, stop their inane chatter. Just in case you were wondering whether anyone was above the wrath of online ethics police, 'dummy-gate' chez Beckham should be enough to make you realise that no one and I repeat NO ONE is spared the venomous bullshit that self-righteous 'experts' and gobby 'perfect parents' out daily.

I don't know if you heard (have you been under a rock in the Madagascan jungle?) but Harper Beckham was spotted sporting a dummy as she walked down the street. She's four. Cue a barrage of abuse aimed at David and Victoria Beckham about the irresponsible way they choose to parent. David Beckham took to Twitter to defend the dummy saying that Harper had been feeling under the weather, a little feverish, and she wanted some comfort. Not that it matters why she had the dummy...because it's none of our business.

Online baiting, bitching and trolling has become a sport. It's now a pastime for those people who have nothing better to do. I'm not even convinced they believe the shit they spout. I genuinely think they do it for fun. Perhaps it fills a gap in their life. It certainly fills the hours. It allows them to be someone they're not in real life. They can be confident, ballsy, outspoken. Which would be awful if it wasn't so goddamn sad.

Another awesome lady who's pretty much fun and good down to her soul is Jenny Scott founder of Mothers Meeting. She recently came under fire over on Instagram for posting a picture of a woman ravaged by war surrounded by dead children...all victims of unimaginable violence. She reminded us to keep our anxieties, worries and woes in perspective and announced that MM would be working with charities.

23FFEC8600000578-2868172-image-a-4_1418387655452Jenny Scott - Founder of Mothers Meeting

Oh boy oh boy. She had to remove the picture bombarded as she was with angry, cross people who spouted angry abusive comments at her. OK - so some people didn't want to see it, some people were offended by it...why does that mean that you can be mean, nasty, abusive and rude online? Newsflash: It doesn't.

If you don't like something you see online JUST DON'T LOOK. If you see something that you think is oh, so wrong, just be secure in the knowledge that you think you know better and JOG ON. No one died and made you the ethics police; no one relies on you to set the record straight. If you pass by without making an angry comment or a mean, pithy, response then we'll probably survive.

Remember what this cute little bunny told you:


Even when you're angry, cross, upset remember this one thing: BE KIND. It's not hard. It's not complicated. It really doesn't take a lot. Just think before you type. Think before you write. Check yourself. Imagine you are stood face to face to that person and then write what you would say. the same rules apply online as in life.

Just be kind.


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