“There’s no denying it: influencer marketing works. It’s a win for the brand and the influencer but here’s the thing…isn’t it possible to do more? To do some good? I founded the #GIFTMATCH campaign to turn a win-win situation into a win-win-win because I wanted charities to benefit too.”
Cat Sims

#GIFTMATCH is a campaign aiming to redress the balance. Bloggers, influencers and celebrities are gifted a huge amount of product in return for exposure from brands. #GIFTMATCH calls on brands, bloggers and charities to work together to do some good. We ask:

  • BRANDS to commit to #giftmatch free product they send out to bloggers, influencers and celebrities by donating product to charities that can give it to families and people who really need it.

  • BLOGGERS/INFLUENCERS/CELEBRITIES to act as Ambassadors and encourage brands they work with to participate in the #GIFTMATCH campaign.

  • BLOGGERS/INFLUENCERS/CELEBRITIES to donate their gifted products to charities that can give it to families and people who need it when they no longer require it themselves as part of the #GIFTMATCH campaign.

  • CHARITIES to contact us and let us know where they are, what they need and how people can get stuff to you.

For more information about #GIFTMATCH and how to get involved please contact us using the contact form.