Netflix Naughties (Or How To Get Your Mama Rocks Off)


Mamas, I know what it's like. In our child-coloured reality, it gets harder and harder to get your rocks off. Quite simply, your Small has become the thief of joy in more ways than one. Not only are lazy lunches, long baths and disposable income things of the past, so too are raging and REGULAR orgasms. Now, I can't promise that Netflix will have you reaching for post-coital fag, but there are some real TV gems out there through which you can live vicariously. So, if you're looking for a knee-knocking TV experience then try some of these.



Ok, so older guys may not be your thing but trust me, Hugh Laurie has come a long way since the days of Jeeves. His ornery manner means that he's more of a Doctor Feelgood for your foo-foo rather than your soul, but you won't care.  You'll be suffering from a serious case of fizzy knickers before you know it.



The picture speaks emphatically for itself but Sons of Anarchy wins on all sorts of levels because you can watch this with your significant other and he'll think it was his choice. Full of testosterone, bare knuckle fist fights and clothes-ripping sexy time scenes there's enough here for you both to get your rocks off.



No male lead here to get your panties in a bunch over (unless slightly short, despicable, modern-day Iago types are your thing), but House of Cards makes the list for one reason only: Clare Underwood. Female? Yes. Hot as hell? Fo sho. A woman with a wardrobe and a stature to make you feel as if you've thrown an Alka-Seltzer down your pants, House of Cards is the thinking woman's porn. Oh, and what about THAT dress???

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