How To Save Cash And Reduce Life Admin


I’m often contacted by companies asking me to write a blog about them and tell everyone how amazing they are. I don’t often do it because the authenticity of the blog and what I write is the most important thing but when WeFlip contact me I liked their vibe. Like, REALLY liked it. By signing up to WeFlip you hand all the heavy lifting over to them when it comes to making sure you’re getting the best deal for gas & electricity. It feels like a big middle finger to those money-grabbing energy companies that rely on our unwillingness to go through the hassle of finding a cheaper provider (and all the life admin that entails) and take advantage our time-poor lives knowing that, many of us, simply don’t have the time or energy to keep switching to cheaper tariffs.

Now though, WeFlip can do this for you. I have signed up and immediately saved £144 a year on my gas & electricity tarrifs. From now on, WeFlip will automatically ‘flip’ me to another provider as long as I’m saving at least £50. They take into account any potential fees for early cancellation and all I have to do is sit back and save the cash. In general they’ll only flip you on average once a year, unless a deal is too good to miss but even then, they won’t do it within three months of the last flip.

It’s a genius idea that not only makes my life easier and saves cash, but also is the first step in making the big energy providers take responsibility for their high prices and unreasonable tariffs. The big energy companies can no longer rely on our lack of time or motivation to trawl through the different options because WeFlip are doing it for us. For too long, the industry has been dominated by the well-known companies that benefit from our fear of the unknown because, after a quick survey (I asked six of my mates), it turns out they feel more comfortable having their energy provided by one of the ‘big well known companies’ and would be nervous about going with a smaller energy company that they’d never heard of.

I am super impressed. The service is entirely free because WeFlip make their money from the energy provider they switch you to. My new energy provider is indeed a small one - I hadn’t heard of them - but they are fitting a smart meter for free (something my previous supplier wasn’t able to do) and when I called them, an actual human picked up. There wasn’t an options menu in sight. Time will tell how good WeFlip actually is - there is still some admin because I’m responsible for contacting my previous supplier to settle up the account each time - but that’s a drop in life admin ocean and it’s the least I can do if it means I’m continuing to save money.

This article is part of a paid partnership with WeFlip