Why I've Launched A Passion Project, Even Though I'm Drowning


I was drowning. Swamped. Overwhelmed. I was exhausted, anxious and seriously considering whether I could continue to give 100% to Not So Smug Now and to Hustle & Fox while running a family, trying to look after myself and, you know, sleep. It was starting to make me ill and I was scraping the bottom of the barrel when it came to finding motivation and patience. With all that going on, why then, do I hear you ask, did I launch another project, my podcast TV My Husband Hates?

Here’s the thing: sometimes it’s not the quantity of the work that matters, but the quality. I love Not So Smug Now and Hustle & Fox but there’s a lot of responsibility and pressure associated with them both. They are also how I make a living so, even though both things are a lot of fun, it’s still work and there’s still a lot of stress associated with them both. It’s the stress that I find exhausting; it’s the stress that causes me sleepless nights and anxiety. If both Hustle & Fox and Not So Smug Now were just for fun, then I would be stress free, but they’re not and because of that, I can find the responsibility hard to manage.

But, with TV My Husband Hates there’s none of that. It’s a true passion project. Sure, we’d love for it to pay for itself and maybe eventually we’ll make a shit tonne of money but truly, both Reagan and I love doing it so much that if no one ever listened to it, we’d still be perfectly happy making it.

The concept of the podcast is simple: both myself and my best friend Reagan Kempton are both addicted to reality TV and have, for many years, spent hours catching up, gossiping about the latest reality TV scandal and enjoying cocktails while doing it. Sure, we talk about what happened in the episodes, but we also talk about the issues that they bring up. Whether that’s co-parenting (thanks, Kardashians) or smacking children (again, Kardashians) or mental health (Real Housewives of Dallas), we talk about it all.

Our husbands both hate reality TV claiming it’s too angry, there’s too much fighting and it’s boring. We don’t appreciate their judges approach to our TV viewing pleasures (notice I’m not using the word guilty) because when we’ve spent the day cleaning the house, running a business or two and looking after kids, we don’t have the mental capacity to sit down in front of The Handmaid’s Tale or Game of Thrones. We need something easier, something fun and mindless and that, for us, is reality TV.

So, if you’re into any of The Real Housewives franchise, or Below Deck or Million Dollar Listing or, of course, The Kardashians, then we’ve got you. If you’ve listened and you love it then we always appreciate it if you could rate and review it on iTunes. Thank you!