Feeling Lonely As A Freelancer? Join The Coven


Working on your own can suck. If you’re a freelancer, you’ll know that feeling when you realise you haven’t spoken to another adult all day, or even got showered. Working from home sure has it’s perks but occasionally, the lack of water-cooler chat or office gossip starts to take its emotional toll. It can be hard to stay motivated or remain creative when you’re staring at the same four walls with no one to talk to or keep you focussed. If you’ve started talking to yourself or you found yourself cleaning the toilet three times a day rather than sit down and work, it might be time to think about a back up plan, a support group…something to keep your work vibe on track.

Enter The Coven Girl Gang. Founded by Sapphire Bates, The Coven is an online membership platform for women who are ready to take their business and their lives to the next level. The ultimate entrepreneur, Sapphire launched her successful flower business, The Flower Arranger, with zero experience. Self-taught and ready to share her knowledge, she’s passionate about helping women reach their potential and achieve success - whatever that looks like to them.

“Starting a business, a side hustle, going freelance or following your passions can be a lonely and isolating path... I’ve spent many days where the only person I’ve spoken to is my dog (and she is not much of a conversationalist). I get how you might be feeling and understand how effing scary heading down the entrepreunurial path is,” says Sapphire.

I’ve had a rummage through and can honestly say that the resources and tools made available for you are invaluable. I am super impressed with the site, the vibe and the welcoming nature of it not to mention the way it’ll inspire you with all it ideas and tips and tricks. So, if you’re feeling a little isolated trying to build your empire, then head over to The Coven and see what you think. It might just be the girl gang you’re looking for.