Instagram Accounts of Joy

Recently, Instagram has felt less like 'the kind platform' and more like 'the hunger games platform'. Here's a list of accounts that should warm the social cockles of even the angriest of 'grammers. Enjoy.


1.HARLOW & SAGE I don't know anyone who can get riled up and ranty about pictures of cute dogs, especially five dogs that are best friends and pose on demand. Your daily dose of Harlow, Sage, Indiana, Reese and Ezra will counteract any app-induced anxiety that the Instagrumps can throw at you.

2. BADDIEWINKLE Baddiewinkle was here long before any of us and she has no time for any insta-bullshit. She gives zero fucks in the most wonderful and colourful way and is a big fat dollop of instajoy daily. Go forth and follow.


3. CELESTE BARBER If you've been on Instagram for more than 13 seconds, you'll know about Celeste Barber but just in case the algorithm felt you weren't interested in seeing some of the funniest shit that Instagram has to offer, this hopefully rectifies it. Self-deprecation + taking the piss out of celebrities = Instaprozac. You'll spend days falling down Celeste's rabbit hole...and that's not a euphemism.


4. MISERABLE MEN An Instagram account dedicated to images of men made miserable by being forced to go shopping. It's a global epidemic and one we can all relate to.


5. SATIREGRAM For people who like their humour a little more satirical and their pictures a lot more wordy. Funny as hell though.


6. YOYOHA Just a guy with a sharpie and a few coffee cups saying what we're all thinking and making it look oh, so pretty.


7. WAVERIDER A true Instagram native, New Zealander Liam Martin has shot to fame recreating celebrity glamour shots. Same same but different to Celeste Barber - but anyone who uses balloons for buttocks gets a 'thumbs up' in my book. Just as funny and worth a follow for smiles and shock.


8. FASHION DADS Holler! Those fashion mamas of the world may need to check their rearview mirror because these dads are on fleek and are staking their instaclaims and instafame. Well worth a follow just for the 'print clash' inspo it offers. Not frequent posters but worth it when they do.


9. WILL SMITH There's no celebrity bullshit here. Just a funny guy showing off his life (and his long suffering wife who and family with zero agenda but to entertain. Relatively new to Instagram (maybe a year?) he's garnered 20+ million followers and his insta feed is a bonafide giggle a minute. In your Pursuit of Instagram Happyness...The Fresh Prince is the one.


10. MY DAY WITH LEO The concept: cut out pictures of famous people's heads and hold them over real people and take a picture. Sounds bonkers but weirdly thought provoking at times. Also, if you can't be arsed to overthink it, smile inducing too.


11. BEIGE CARDIGAN Apparently Beige Cardigan is slang for a boring, wifey type but stylist Jessica Anteby is doing what The Fat Jewish does but without the same meme posted on repeat (does anyone else find that?) She's handpicking the best that social media has to offer us saving us time and increasing our serotonin.


12. ASBOS_SOS Real life screenshots from the most questionable corners of ASOS with hilarious captions to boot. A much cheaper way to enjoy ASOS.


13. CRAP TAXIDERMY Just in case you haven't had enough nightmares in your life, Crap Taxidermy will make you laugh and vomit all in one go. I mean, there aren't many Instagram accounts where you'll see a rabbit made into a toaster.


14. SERIOUS DESIGN You know those things that do exactly what they say on the tin? Yeah, this isn't one of those. Expect designs that use food, often raw meat, as design STAPLES. Geddit?


15. TINDER NIGHTMARES If you've experienced Tinder this might induce some PTSD. If not, count yourself lucky (but enjoy this nonetheless)


16. THE ROCK The Rock: more feminist than the rest of us put together.