Why Not So Smug Now Is The Gift That Keeps On Giving

It's been a rough couple of weeks but as I promised, I am using that experience to really think about how I can be more socially conscious and how I can help. I've got a platform, it's not a massive one but it's there and it has the power to do some good. I know there's a lot of debate around the role of 'influencers' and the service they offer brands and their followers and this is not a blog that's about to unpick THAT particular bees nest but I think there's a fairly easy way for influencers to do some good.

Let me introduce...


This is a campaign I'm launching to do two things:

  • Call on brands to #GIFTMATCH i.e. for every product they gift, they should #giftmatch a donation to a charity that needs it.

  • Call on influencers, brands and celebrities to encourage the brands they work with to #GIFTMATCH when they offer them product or encourage them to donate product to charity when they work with them in a paid collaboration.

I'll also be compiling a list of charities working with families that can benefit from donations so that we know where to send our stuff so that it has the most impact.

So if:

  • you're a charity that can benefit from donations, send me an email with your charity name, website, where you're based, the kinds of things you always need and the best way to get product to you.

  • you're a brand that wants to sign up to the #giftmatch campaign, email me and I'll compile a list of brands that are doing what they can to offset the free stuff and help people that really need it. I'll get a badge for you that you can display on your websites and social clearly marking you as a #giftmatch brand.

  • you're an influencer, blogger, celebrity that wants to be an ambassador for the #giftmatch campaign and call on brands that you work with to donate where possible, email me and I'll compile a list of those doing what we can to help. I'll also give you a badge to display across your site and social so that people know you're doing what you can to help.

Look forward to hearing from you all.