REVIEW: Nurofen Fever-Smart Thermometer

Let’s be honest, kids are enough hard work when they are healthy, happy and not destroying your house from the inside out. When they’re sick, it’s even worse. Your life descends into the twilight zone – day and night are no longer defined by the rising and setting sun but instead by those snatches of sleep you grab somewhere between giving them medicine and them vomiting from fever. Your darkened days are luminated only by the painful tones of the Teletubbies at 4am while your kid is covered in snot and literally, days can pass before you realise you haven’t showered or brushed your teeth.

When it’s bad, it’s really bad and we’ve all been there.

When Bo was just the tiniest of humans she had a succession of serious illnesses that nearly killed me through exhaustion and worry – she wasn’t having a great time either! At four months old she got the chicken pox. Of all the things a new mum of two needs, chicken pox is not one of them. Two weeks later, she contracted the flu. Both these things came with spewfests, sleepless nights, and, of course, a raging fever.

For almost a month, we existed in the trenches of illness. My husband and I slept apart so that one of us could get a good night sleep every other night. On the nights that we were on duty, we were up checking Bo’s temperature every two hours. She was pissed off that we’d woken her, I was pissed off that I had to wake her and somewhere in between there was always a lot of crying. From both of us.

It’s an exhausting time. While they are fighting kid-itis, you are still having to adult your way through life. While you’re struggling to remember when you last gave them medicine (and trying your best not to overdose), you’re cooking meals for the other healthy people in your house, trying to do the laundry (there’s so much more laundry when they’re sick!) and running on empty.

There’s no magic cure for illness. Between licking the floor and picking their nose and stuffing soil in their mouth, they are going to get sick but, what would really help is a better night’s sleep. If your little one can get more sleep then they’ll get better quicker and now Nurofen have a gadget that can help you let them rest.

It’s a game changer – the FeverSmart Thermometer can be gently stuck to your small one, just under their armpit for up to 24 hours (then you’ll probably need to wash your kid and replace the adhesive patch). It’ll constantly monitor your little one’s temperature and ping all that info to your phone meaning you don’t have to wake everyone up, every two hours, to get a reading. If their temp rises to a level that requires medication, or attention, your phone will beep to alert you. Yes, it’s pricey at £84.99 but if you’re anything like me, you’ve probably already spent that on various thermometers that you can never find when you need them. Plus, if you use the code FEVERSMARTNOTSOSMUGNOW30 you’ll get 30% off making it £59.50 (or thereabouts…my maths isn’t great). Shop here.

This article is a paid collaboration with the  Nurofen for Children Fever Smart Temperature Monitor (always read the instructions).