Blogger or Flogger? How It Works At Not So Smug Now

I'm starting to make some money from my instagram account and this here blog. It's much needed income. Jimmy and I are both freelancers and our cash flow is the biggest headache everyday of our lives so, when another income stream makes itself available, I'm going to take it. That being said, it's tricky times over on the squares with all this 'selling' stuff so, in the interests of transparency, here's what you can expect from list form (because I'm too damn hot to make ordered sense out of my brain).

  1. If a small, independent, brand wants me to help them promote their stuff and help them earn a decent crust then I will do what I can.

  2. I won't charge small, independent brands for this.

  3. If I truly like or will truly use the product then I will accept a free gift and clearly mark it as such.

  4. If the product isn't my taste, or if I have no further use for it (baby stuff etc) then I will take a sample to shoot and return the product.

  5. Just because it's something I wouldn't necessary buy or wear, doesn't mean there aren't a shit load of you out there that would buy it and wear it.

  6. If it helps the small independent brand, and introduces you to some cool stuff, then I'm all in.

  7. If a big brand comes to me and wants me to work with them, I'm 100% open to that.

  8. It has to be relevant to me, my audience and my blog/instagram.

  9. And the brief has to be open enough for me to create content that fits with my style, voice etc.

  10. I'll always be 100% transparent when I've been paid for a post by using #AD on instagram posts.

  11. Blogs will always have a disclaimer at the end clearly outlining that it was a paid partnership.

  12. I'll always used #gift or #gifted or #freestuffforshoutouts if a brand has sent me product, or given me a service for free in return for mentions/exposure.

  13. If you see me talking about something that doesn't have #AD or #gift etc. on it, then you can assume I've paid for it and I'm chatting about it because I just bloody love it.

  14. I'll also do affiliate links sometimes - currently, I'm running one with Simba.

  15. When the affiliate links come up, I'll tell you it's happening and what the deal is. It's up to you what you do with that.

  16. To be clear, I'll always try and be clear.

  17. I run everything paid through my agent - it's easier, keeps everything in one place, means I don't have to work through contracts and stuff like that, I don't have worry about invoicing and chasing cash and I can concentrate on creating content, writing the blog, looking after my kids and squeezing some couple time in.

  18. I'm going to fuck it up sometimes - I have no doubt. Please don't assume I'm doing this to fleece you or pull the wool over your eyes.

  19. Chances are I'm just really tired, have a brain fart moment or trying to do 17 things at once.

  20. If you have any questions regarding any posts or #ADs or #gifts please always feel free to drop me a DM and I'll always be happy to clarify.

  21. If you've caught me being an idiot - thanks for letting me know - and I'll rectify it as soon as possible.

  22. I didn't go into this Instagram thing to make money.

  23. I went into it to help mums who were also struggling at playgroups listening to all the other mums say how wonderful it was while I sat there thinking, "Wonderful? When you say 'wonderful' you mean 'really hard and a bit shit' right?"

  24. As it is, it's grown to the point where brands do want to work with me and I'm not in a position to knock that back nor do I want to.

  25. But I'm still very much about providing a safe space for parents to laugh at themselves and their children, to talk all about how hard this parenting thing is and to lament how shit adulting can be at times.

  26. I love the creativity of working with different brands and coming up with ideas and words and pictures and films.

  27. There is never a day goes by where I'm not grateful that I get the opportunity to do this.

  28. I always, always try to make sure any of my followers get something from it whether it's entertaining content, a discount code, an intro to a really cool idea or product or just a bit of light relief.

  29. I'll always try to spread out the paid stuff/ads etc so that you're not bombarded with my face flogging stuff.

  30. No one wants to see that.

  31. I'm always open to feedback. If you don't like something - let me know. I'll always try to response to constructive criticism.

  32. Thank you for being the reason that brands do want to work with me. At the end of the day, I couldn't do it without you guys so, you know. Thanks.