This week we've got two inspirational #mumbosses coming at you and the first of these is Shalome Doran. Shalome wants to live in a world where women approach their birth with excitement and awe.  A highly-medicalised hospital birth and 2 sensational home births taught her that a little preparation can make ALL the difference, and that you can feel like a total Rockstar when you birth, regardless of how you birth.

Shalome works with pregnant mamas to replace their fear of pain with the insights and self-belief to roar their baby out - by creating their own informed, empowered and amazing birth experience.  When she’s not gushing about empowering birth stories, you can find Shalome editing her digital-baby, the Rockstar Birth Magazine.
Shalome is momma to Scarlett, Charlie & Frankie.
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The Rockstar Birth Magazine is my digital-baby!  She’s a 12-issue digital magazine dedicated to empowering pregnant mamas to approach their birth with genuine freaking excitement!  Less fear, more trust.  Less pushing, more flowing.  Less focus on risk, more on self-belief.  My mission is to provide pregnant mamas with the tips + tricks + deep soulful trust to make their birth journey one of the most expansive and uplifting experiences of their lives.
Each issue of the Rockstar Birth Magazine is filled with empowering month- specific information and positive birthing insights, experiences, and interviews - one issue for each of the 9 months of pregnancy, and one for each of the first 3 months postpartum.  Magazine members are able to access all 12 magazines at anytime.  Some mamas will choose to read one issue per month and others will binge-read them all immediately.  Either way is perfect.
You can get your first fabulous issue here for FREE! www.rockstarbirthmagazine.com


Because birth is COOL!  And there is too much of the ‘pushing out a watermelon’ type of messaging out there. I want pregnant mamas to know you CAN feel like a total freaking Rockstar when you give birth.  After a heavily medicalised first birth and 2 awesome home births, I realised that doing a little preparation with your physical, emotional and spiritual self during pregnancy can make a HUGE difference during your birthing moment.
And whether you choose to birth on a mountain side under a full moon or lock in a scheduled c-section with the top obstetrician in town… either way is totally cool. What really matters is that you are informed about your birth options, that you feel empowered by your choices, supported by your birthing team, and that you are excited about birthing your baby.
(Plus I had just had 2 babies in 12 months and my lover said “Please. No more.’. I had to find something else to do with all this fabulous pregnancy and birth information I had discovered!)


I get to read and share the most breath-taking birth tales. That moment when women find their inner warrior, their mama lioness, and they roar their babies out. I am forever grateful for being invited into their most vulnerable and heartfelt experiences. No matter how your baby enters the world, birth is beautiful.


Determination through adversity inspires me. Girls in oppressed countries who actively seek an education against the odds. Women who leave toxic relationships with their children in tow (and little else) and start again. Mothers who stand up to policy and birth their babies on their terms - particularly those who have had a less-than-positive birth experience in the past.


 YOUR FASHION STYLE: Ha ha - that’s a fabulous question. I’m not sure I would define my stretchy pants + boots + flowy top look as a ‘style’ - more of a mode of comfort.

 YOUR PARENTING STYLE: Mmm… again I’m not sure I would ever label it. My parenting style evolves as my children grow. What ‘worked’ with my first child, certainly doesn’t with my second. I feel like my kids have been bought to teach me so many lessons through the art of parenting. I’d like to describe my style as mostly fair-rarely shouty-always inclusive.


BRANDS: Eek. No idea. I tend to go for anything organic, holistic, and mother nature-friendly. BEAUTY PRODUCT: Coconut oil - I use it for EVERYTHING. Burns, bites, and everyday moisturising. It’s the goods.
 HOLIDAY DESTINATION: Bali or Thailand. Tropical. Friendly. Big-hearted locals.
BOOK OR FILM: Out of Africa by Isak Dinesen
WAY TO RELAX: Being in a quiet place away from my kids! Usually by the ocean. Such an energetic shift for me when I’m by the sea.


Running. I’ve let it go the last few months (mmm.. maybe couple of years) and I am miserable without it. It’s a game-changer for me - everything is clearer and lighter after a run. And with 2 young babes I really really REALLY need that 30-60 minutes of solitude. Best pull on my runners tomorrow and get out there!


"However you baby exits your womb, YOU birthed them, Mama."


FABULOUS: When my eldest daughter was 4 years old, she initiated a conversation about life and death and what happens when you die? She was getting quite upset at the thought of dying and not being able to take her beloved soft toy Tigger with her. There was tears and wide eyes looking at me so I quickly shared an impromptu kid-size version of Buddhism and reincarnation. Big smiles returned. She asked ‘so I could be ‘carnated as a dog?’ Of course, I said. Oh, the joy on her face!  When we got home, she ran to the neighbours house and burst through their door, shouting to her little toddler pal, ‘Spencer! Spencer! We are going to get ‘carnated as DOGS!’. That’s my girl, the little Buddhist canine.
FAIL: Later that same week, we were in the garden (it was summer) and I was opening up the outside umbrella when a cockroach dropped out on to the table. ‘Quick, give me your shoe!’ I shouted and quick as a flash, I smacked that cockroach hard. She looked at the cockroach.  She looked at me.  And she said ‘You know mum, he was probably just trying to get back to his family. He’s probably a Buddha like me. What if I get ‘carnated as a cockroach? Will you squish me too?’.  Hmm… nice one, mum.


Liquorice bullets. Oh, baby!