Dear Netmum and Friends, First up...excuse the image. I know I'm no Taylor Swift and you're no Apple Music but hey...a girl can dream right? 

Secondly, thank you. I wrote a letter out of anger and got kind of uppity in it. My argument wasn't 100% fair but the basis of it, the principle was sound - blogger's words are their own and only the blogger and the blogger's site should reap the majority of the benefits from their publication.

While there's no reason that you should be paying for content that is published elsewhere (I was wrong on that), you should be publishing only part of it and linking it to the original site. You are now doing that and for that...thank you.

It makes a huge difference. While most of us are lowly, humble, pretty small blogs, we still spend hours and hours of time producing great content in the hope that we are making people smile, or think, or cry, or hope or whatever. That time is time that we have to carve out of our day amid the babies, the toddlers, the work and all the other colours that make up our everyday lives. It means a lot that this is respected and that people read what we write in the way that we present it. Stats are not the be all and end all, but when you're on your own, writing your blog and wondering if anyone, anyone at all is reading it...good stats warm our hearts.

And eventually, they may help pay the bills.

Netmums, you were wrong to publish blogs in their entirety without getting permission from authors, you were awesome to recognise this and change your policy.

Kudos. You guys rock.

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