Why Pre-Loved Fashion Is A Smart Choice For The Environment


I’ve never been great at being eco. It isn’t that I don’t care and it isn’t that I don’t believe in saving the planet or doing my bit; I truly, truly do. Here’s the thing: I’m lazy and tired and overwhelmed with everything that sometimes, I’m ashamed to admit, it just isn’t at the top of my priority list. I absolutely know it should be, so recently, I’m trying to make small changes with a view to growing my eco status.

First up, I’m tackling my approach to fashion. I’ve never, ever had heaps of disposable cash, or even much disposable cash so I’ve always relied on fast fashion. It’s great for my bank account, it’s great for an emotional boost but it’s bad for the environment and ethically, it’s often not great too.

So what are my options? Well, I’ve started to try and notice when I’m ‘emotionally shopping’. Sometimes, if I’m tired or bored or feeling a bit low, it’s nothing that an H&M haul won’t alleviate temporarily. While it initially feels great, the guilt about buying stuff that I don’t really need and spending money that I don’t really have slowly creeps up until I’m feeling all anxious again. In noticing when I’m doing it, I’ve managed to really cut down on those useless impulse buys that end up taking up space in my wardrobe. It also means I'm buying into fast fashion less and creating less waste. That’s a good thing. A small thing, but a good thing.

I’m also really into buying pre-loved fashion. I’m trawling eBay and independent pre-loved designer sites like Timpany’s for designer stuff with the idea that buying well means I’m buying less. Not that I believe buying designer means that you’re buying ‘well’ but these Marni loafers I got from Timpany’s for £95 (they gifted me £100 to spend) feel and look like they’ll live longer than I will. Which is great.


The final thing I’m doing is revisiting my wardrobe and really trying to re-love the things I already have. There’s a challenge that says you should be wearing pieces at least 30 times to avoid falling into the trap of disposable fashion. This striped knit is a maternity one I bought while I was pregnant with Billie (so it’s at least 6 years old) and even thought it’s a bit knackered and bobbly, I still love it and every time I put it on I feel great. The same goes for these pleather trousers I got from Topshop just after having Billie (so, about four years old). They are comfy, warm and hold me RIGHT IN.

With the clothes I no longer want (or fit!) I’m either selling them on ebay so that someone else can give them the love I can’t anymore, or donating them to friends or charity. I’d love to start setting up clothes swaps with girl friends so that we can all find gems that we love - someone else’s rubbish is another’s treasure after all.

So, it’s not much but it’s a start. I’m being conscious about what I’m buying, what I’m wearing and what I’m throwing away. Small steps…

Timpany’s gifted me £100 to spend on the site. They asked for coverage on Instagram but there was no obligation to write this blog or link to their site. This is not an affiliate link.