For The Love Of Money

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I recently did Sarah Akwisombe’s ‘Money & Manifestation’ course and let me tell you, it was one of the best things I did. Firstly, I paid for it. This isn’t a paid post or one that Sarah even knows I’m writing. It’s just a post about something that the course revealed to me that blew my mind and I thought it might blow yours too.

First up, money is good. Just sit with that for a minute and think about how that makes you feel. Money is a good thing. It’s a positive thing. It’s a magical thing. Right? You may well be feeling a little uncomfortable with that because actually, we’re always told the complete opposite. We are always told that money is bad, that it will corrupt, that it will tear apart and bring misery. Money doesn’t bring happiness, after all right? Well, what if we considered for a moment the fact that it could bring happiness? How would that feel?


From the moment we arrive on this planet, in some way, shape or form we are repeatedly taught negative things about money. Villains in films are rarely poor, humble creatures. Instead they are phenomenally wealthy, dominating, callous characters with zero morals. How many stories do we see about people coming into lots of money and seeing their relationships crumble in front of their eyes only to discover that once they lose it all, they rediscover happiness?

Imagine putting all those negative feelings about money aside for just a minute and considering it as a powerful and positive force. Imagine not hating it, or associating it with worry and anxiety and stress and considering that you could be mates with money? Imagine that you could hunt it out, find it and make some of it yours? It still means you have to work for money but it’s more likely to come to you if you don’t hate the stuff. If you don’t look at it as a ‘necessary evil’ but as a ‘force for good’ there’s a chance you’ll be more open to it, more aware of how to get it and more successful at receiving it.

I know it sounds a bit vagina-whispery and a bit woo-woo. I get it but we know how a positively mental attitude towards something can have a beneficial effect on other things, so why not try it with money? Decide what you want and what you need and then, for a moment, consider that you can have it and you can get it. Where would you go? What would you start? Where could you look? If you start entertaining the possibility that money is a good thing that you can have then you’re open to the possibilities and opportunities that otherwise may have passed you by.

I’m not saying you’ll be a millionaire by tomorrow, and I’m not saying that money will fall from the sky, but I am saying that if you do want more money you have to believe it’s possible. What have you got to lose?