What I Whisper In My Daughter's Ear

Just a list of a few things I hope I can impart to my daughters....

  1. Treat getting dressed as 'dressing up'. Every day.

  2. Do a spin class because you want your head to feel clear and your heart to feel big...not because you want your bum to be small.

  3. Never underestimate the power of sleep.

  4. Balance is what's important. Everything in moderation.

  5. Break all the rules when it comes to fashion.

  6. Don't break the rules when you're driving a car.

  7. Experiment with your hair - life's too short to have the same hairstyle your whole life.

  8. Look after your eyebrows.

  9. Take the time to make phone calls.

  10. Learn to love reading. It's the perfect way to relax and it really does make a difference that there's no screen involved.

  11. Be open to new technology and developments. In my experience, things rarely go backwards so it's better to understand and arm yourself with knowledge. Look forwards.

  12. Be a good listener. It will ensure you have true friends for life.

  13. Hangovers are not 'being ill'. They are not acceptable excuses for calling in sick to work, not meeting a deadline or letting down a friend.

  14. Go on dates with guys you don't think you fancy. I didn't think I'd fancy a ginger, bass player with three nipples and a dislocating shoulder but life has a funny way of blindsiding you.

  15. Boys and girls are equal but they are not the same.

  16. What matters to you, won't matter to them - it doesn't make them idiots, it just means that you'll have to work hard to make them understand what matters to you. And you'll have to be open to understand what matters to them.

  17. Change your bedsheets every two weeks and your knickers everyday.

  18. You can wear a bra for at least three days.

  19. Only buy cashmere if you can be arsed to hand wash it. Don't think you can put it in a 30 degree wash and hangout to dry. You can't and it's an expensive mistake to make.

  20. Spend money on jeans and when you find a pair you love, buy them in every colour you think you'll want.

  21. Take your make up before you go to bed.

  22. Pee before and after sex and drink lots of water - recurring cystitis is one of life's true evils.

  23. Listen to your gut on every decision you make. It will never let you down.

  24. Be kind to your sister.

  25. Don't be a hoarder. It's unhealthy for the soul. Learn to enjoy giving things you love away. Allow other people to enjoy the things you too have loved.

  26. Don't have any clothes that you save for best. Wear all the clothes you love all the time.

  27. Get your bras fitted properly.

  28. Learn how to say sorry. I know it sucks but knowing how to own your mistakes and apologise for them will earn you more respect than any job well done.

  29. Learn to be scared when appropriate. If there's real danger - be scared otherwise, be brave.

  30. Ignore anyone who starts a sentence with 'What you should do...'

  31. Don't be afraid to speak up in a room and if you smile, they'll love you.

  32. Think before you speak.

  33. Accept that someone may have the power and knowledge to change your mind. Be open to the possibility.

  34. Learn to love being on your own.

  35. Don't be afraid to sit in a room and cry by yourself. Sometimes, it's the only way to shake it all off.

  36. Be better than me and keep a list of all your login details with passwords (in a code that you understand).

  37. Start a good filing system for all your life admin as soon as you can. Trust me on this.

  38. Save 30% of everything you earn if you're a freelancer.

  39. Even better, get a proper job with a salary.

  40. Always pay the tax man.

  41. Visit the dentist and the hygienist regularly. Remember to floss as often as you can.

  42. Have sex with whomever you want to - as long as it's 100% your choice and you're careful.

  43. You will find friends anywhere and everywhere.

  44. Write a journal throughout your teenage years. It doesn't have to be everyday but you'll be so delighted to read back through those pages when you're older and wiser. Trust me - you'll belly laugh at what you wrote.

  45. Write thank you letters. It means so much to people.

  46. Listen to music and know who you love and don't love. If you can't talk about music, you'll struggle.

  47. Watch movies and talk about them afterwards.

  48. Invest in a great leather jacket - it's the perfect accessory to almost every outfit.

  49. Love your mama even when she's really irritating.

  50. Love yourself.