Why I'm Getting More Sh*t Done This Year


I have one resolution for 2018 - be more productive. I want to waste less time, spend more time doing healthy stuff with my brain and body, read more books, write more blogs, do more yoga and be a better mother. Ok, ok...I know that sounds like a lot but actually, if I've narrowed down a few easy tips and tricks to help me be more productive and ultimately make more time for that shit I listed above.  Set your alarm for 6am

  • It hurts at first but when you realise the potential of that hour before the kids get up in the morning, you'll realise it's worth the pain.

  • Plus you get to have a cup of tea or coffee (whatever your poison is) without children screaming for something and it'll be hot ALL THE WAY THROUGH.

  • Give each other a lie in at the weekend.

  • It's guilt free because you know you're both reaping the benefits and it'll help the 6am starts feel less painful.

  • It also feels like a huge treat/luxury and that always makes someone feel good.

  • Stop watching shit TV but don't stop watching movies, great box sets that you share with someone and going to the cinema.

  • Shit TV is the kryptonite to creativity.

  • And productivity.

  • It's taken me a long time to realise this but it's true.

  • Movies, cinema, box sets though - they are vital recovery/downtime activities that don't allow you to sink into a psychological and creative coma a la Real Housewives of Bumfuck Nowhere.

  • Once you're up at 6am every morning, you'll realise you've doubled the hours in your day.

  • Do more exercise.

  • Not because you want to get skinny but because you want to get healthy.

  • It's great for your body but also and most importantly for your brain and soul.

  • That is actually a science fact.

  • It's also a great chance to have some time to yourself.

  • And god knows we all need that.

  • And don't worry that you could be spending the time doing 'work' or 'cleaning'.

  • You'll do the work and cleaning thing much better if you've released some endorphins.

  • Read more books - ditch social media on the commute and before bed.

  • Reading sets your brain up for a creative, energised day.

  • Social media saps the life blood from you at times.

  • Leave your phone charging downstairs.

  • It removes the temptation when you find yourself awake at 3am because a small person needed a wee.

  • Drink more water.

  • Drink less booze.

  • In fact, stop drinking altogether.

  • Obviously that's a big one and I've only included it just in case it's what you needed to hear.

  • I'm currently off the booze and I've noticed the following things:

  • I'm less impatient

  • I have more time for my kids

  • I'm sleeping better

  • I'm more motivated

  • My mouth doesn't feel like Ghandi's sandal in the morning

  • I'm not missing the hangovers

  • I've saved £20 a week at least

  • I want to have sex more

  • I have the energy to have sex

  • Getting up at 6am is easy(ish)

  • I get my shit done more quickly

  • I don't succumb to that social cigarette (or a pack)

So to recap: wake up earlier, watch less shit TV, do more exercise, cut down on the booze. Look, it's not easy. I've found giving up shit TV harder than giving up the booze. Who the fuck knew that a real-life addiction to shit TV exists? The 6am starts are hard but here's the thing I can promise you: there are INSTANT returns when you do this.

Less booze = more money

Earlier starts = calm days / more hours / get shit done

Exercise = ok...well the benefits of this do take a while but it's deffo worth looking after your body

Less shit TV = more hours/more creativity.

Try it and let me know.