REVIEW: Snuz Pod


OK - so I'm all for falling for the latest fad but when it came to my second baby I was determined to keep things real. Apart from anything else, our house was already bursting at the seams with plastic shit that my eldest never used. I couldn't afford to lose more space for shit that the newest small was never going to use. So, I kept it strict: she needed stuff to wear, something to sleep in, something to be pushed around in and something to go in a car in. Everything else was gravy. Let's talk sleeping (or not the case may be). For my first pregnancy I had a bedside crib - one of those with a side that came down so you could conveniently hoof the baby onto the breast and back again without so much as raising your head from the pillow. Unfortunately, that one was borrowed and, as it turned out, I'd fallen out with the girl who lent it to me (#awks) so I had to look at other alternative.

Enter the Snuzpod2.



Not only does it look the business but it's got a number of pretty ace features that help any hormone riddled, ached-and-pained new mama get through the day (and the night). First up it rocks...that's a godsend. Secondly the mesh side flaps down easily so you have direct access to your mewling spawn with minimal movement requirements. Thirdly the top part lifts off which is ace because you can shift it around the house with you or, as we did, bang it in the boot and take it with us when ever we went overnight somewhere. Finally, it's pretty. I mean really pretty. And solid, and beautifully made and generally just a lovely bit of furniture to have in your house.

As if that wasn't enough, it's made by the people at Little Green Sheep which, if you don't already know, make probably the most wholesome bed stuff for babies available. We've bought all our mattresses from there and their mattress protectors are the business.

The very best thing I can say about the Snuzpod2 is that my little one slept in for extended periods of time. I can't guarantee that yours will but you've got a better chance with this than a rickety, wicker moses basket that they'll grow out of in a hot minute. Bo was in this until last night *sigh* (5.5 months) and I could have pushed her for a couple more weeks if she hadn't decided to figure out rolling over.

Anyway, I'm not normally one for reviews - and to be transparent they did give this to me but to be even more transparent, companies have given me free things before and I've sent them back with a lovely note saying, 'Thank you so much for sending this to me. Unfortunately, I just didn't love it and would feel uncomfortable recommending it for these reasons *insert reasons*. I hope you understand and thank you once again.'

There's no chance of me doing that with the Snuzpod2.