Whenever I meet up with friends they always ask me how the blog is going, which is nice of them. And then, just like clockwork, the second question out of their mouth is, 'Do you make any money from it?' Once I've picked myself up off the floor and stopped laughing deliriously, I explain that no, I simply do it because, well, I like it. It's probably 45% because I love writing, 45% because I'm a total narcissist and the last 10% is all about the vain hope that someone reading it, somewhere, feels a little better about themselves and this parenting lark because something I said resonated with them.  Even the best of the best of the bloggers I know don't make enough money to live on through their blog. Book deals that have come as a result of their blogs are a big deal and, if you're not fussy about blogging for bog cleaner (and let's face it, the kids have gotta eat) then there are ways to scrape a half decent living together. Essentially though, most of us do it because once we've started it would be weird if we didn't do it.

My husband was probably the most confused about why I do it. It earns me little to no money, it takes up a shit load of time and there's many an evening when we're ostensibly hanging out together but really I'm typing and posting and sharing and 'gramming and while he's a pretty good sport about it, I can tell that occasionally he wonders if it's possible that I love the blog more than I love him.

Which of course I don't. It's just that it's kind of become a part of me. I've invested so much time and energy into it that giving it up would seem heartless, ungrateful and ultimately, a complete waste of the last two years. Plus, I bloody love writing. If I'd have had the balls as a graduate I would have forged my way into journalism and writing for a living. Instead, I did what almost every English major (with a super-useful side helping of American Studies) and became a teacher. Which was fine, until it wasn't and then I left and kind of drifted through the music industry until having a baby meant I couldn't tour and then, well, then came the blog.

As sad as it sounds, after flaking my way through various careers, I finally feel like I've found something I'm supposed to be doing. Of course, it would be amazing if that thing I was supposed to be doing made me a shit load of money and who knows? Maybe it will one day. But it does have it's perks and, as the blog grows, so do the perks. So for now, I do it because I genuinely love it. I do it because it's led to me to discover some of the most amazing women I know and I do it because so far you guys seem to quite like it.

So thanks for sticking with this crazy (skint) mama on her blogging journey. Here's to the next two years.