I can't be the only mama that hates craft. The thought of painting, cooking, baking, sticking and gluing with a toddler is usually enough to drive me to a strong drink and lie down. It's all tied up with my issues around control and largely it comes down to one thing: the mess. I just can't enjoy watching glitter go everywhere. Or glue go in hair. Or paint on the walls. I wish I could. I really wish I could relax and enjoy the crazy chaos but it's like listening to nails scratching down a blackboard. Thank god for Nanny - she does all the crafty stuff and for that I shall always be grateful. Until now, that is. I've discovered Trunkaroo and if it can convert a bitchcrafter like me then I guarantee it can work for you too. Firstly, it's not craft. It's so much more than that. It's inspired by #STEM (science, tech, engineering and maths) and they throw an A for 'arts' in there for good measure: #STEAM. Secondly, it's perfect for time-poor, lazy-assed mamas like me because they send the boxes to you every month with EVERYTHING you need in there. There's no scraping around for glue or crayons or paint…it's all in there.




So, yesterday, I girded my craft-allergic loins and broke out the trunk. The Small and I spent our Tuesday morning #STEAMING through the Trunkaroo 'Growing Seeds' project box and I honestly didn't look at the clock once. To give The Small credit she didn't die of shock when I suggested we go and 'make some stuff' and instead dived head first into the goodies. While she's only 2.5 years old, there was more than enough for her to get her teeth stuck into, although the boxes would keep kids up to ten years old happy.


She decorated her plant pot with crayons and stickers. We coloured the flowers in and threaded them on to the pipe cleaners. We chucked some rice in the pot and stuck our handmade flowers in there and BOOM not only had we actually created something that I didn't immediately feel like chucking in the bin, we'd also done it without destroying the house, my will to live and The Small's fragile concentration span.



There are at least two activities in each box and all are themed. We still have the actual, real life seeds to plant and monitor…with no mud or soil in sight but we'll save that for another day. In the meantime, Trunkaroo is a must for families whether you love or hate craft. Plus, they make a wicked gift too...

Go forth and #STEAM through your rainy mornings too. Head over to www.trunkaroo.com now and use the code SMUG25 for a whopping 25% of your first month!