There's been a real revolution recently surrounding mamas. The world is starting to wake up to the fact that being pregnant, or having a baby doesn't immediately cancel you out as a human. It doesn't mean that we don't like nice stuff or treats or little boxes of love that make you realise that someone, somewhere hasn't forgotten about you. The Whole 9 Months was founded on this principle. The mama behind it, Lauren Derret, wanted to  show mamas-to-be that there was still room to make them feel special with gorgeously curated gifts for them. We're big fans of these 'doula boxes' and we're delighted to feature Lauren in our WHO IS// blog.


Lauren & her tribe.
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The Whole 9 Months is lovingly thought out pregnancy, birth, sibling and motherhood gift boxes to make the mamas and siblings-to-be feel considered, nurtured and celebrated. Quite often when a pregnancy is announced all focus is on the little human joining the world; I wanted mamas and siblings to be part of the celebration too. (Dad boxes coming soon, I’ve not forgotten about you guys!)

HOW DID // the whole 9 months COME TO BE?

I’ve been a doula for 4 years and so my ‘job’ has always been about supporting and celebrating the pregnant woman, so I thought I would extend that support and celebration to all pregnant mamas in the form of a ‘doula hug in every box’.
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BEST THING // ABOUT BEING the whole 9 months?

Reviews like this:

❝I fell in love with this site the minute I saw it. My husband and I have only just started trying so I couldn't yet buy anything for myself; the perfect excuse to shop came when one of my lovely friends broke the news she was pregnant - I bought for her instead!

FABULOUS service, the woman who runs this company couldn't be nicer or more responsive. The text I received from my friend on receipt of the 0-6 months gift box was as follows: 'What an amazing surprise! I love it! It is absolutely amazing, I'm just so speechless and emotional. Chris (her husband) just came in and said "F**k me! What a lovely gift!"

This idea is absolutely fabulous and the woman running the company is so nice I am even considering a doula when I eventually do get pregnant and give birth - which is something I'd never thought would be for me!

Wonderful, I will definitely be a return shopper!❞

Not sure what I was most chuffed about, the fact she loved the service, the reaction from her friend, the F-bomb that was dropped or the fact that I’ve changed her perception of doulas.  In all it was a bloody gorgeous review.


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Many of my girlfriends all ‘get’ the importance of women supporting women, they inspire me. And of course my current doula client, friend and business mentor Suzy (amazeballs) Ashworth.


 YOUR FASHION STYLE: Not as I hoped it would be, more Oxfam than Instagram. I can only ever dream of pulling off such looks at Dress Like a Mum. I could never pull off a pleated skirt and a plain tee on the school run *sigh YOUR PARENTING STYLE: My own, I listen to my instincts, forgive my mistakes, learn from my children and quite often lose my shit.


BRANDS: Not a brand kind of gal but I do own a kick ass pair of Manolos and have his Liberty print silk scarf framed and hanging in my kitchen; so yes, Manolo. BEAUTY PRODUCT: Molton Brown Vitamin Lipsaver, morning and night and The Sanctuary 24 hour shower oil. BOOK OR FILM: Napoleon Dynamite, never fails to make me laugh, even a picture of him puts me in a happy mood. WAY TO RELAX: Lying on my bed, it’s my escape from the chaos of family/work life. HOLIDAY DESTINATION: I have two. We honeymooned in Watergate Bay in Cornwall and it was the nicest place I’ve ever been to in this country. Outside of this country it’d be New York.



TEXT YOU SENT: Replying to my friend, telling her I’m free Tuesday. . THING YOU ATE: Toasted bagel slathered in butter, my bad. CALL YOU RECEIVED: My 17 year old son sacking off our lunch date (again) THING YOU BOUGHT: Some storage boxes in an attempt to contain my 4 year olds toys that seem to be taking over the whole house.


My kids, my husband, my friends and my phone (and wine, shhhh).


Forgive yourself and others. It’s so totally freeing.


FAIL: I was in London with my 12 year old daughter and my then 3 year old son, we had just visited Buck House and was heading to the Science Museum so I hailed a taxi, I was wearing the 3 year old on my back in a baby carrier (little legs don’t like London) and I totally underestimated how high he was on my back. I swung the door open and jumped into the cab smashing his head on the door frame! I was going at quite a speed as well so it was a pretty hard wallop, poor kid cried, I cried my daughter was shell shocked and god love the cabbie who gave us the ride for free.
FABULOUS: Paying for my 20 year old son to head off to live his dreams in Australia. It’s his birthday today and across the other side of the world, I’m sobbing but I couldn’t be prouder.


Trash TV and mags whilst sinking a bottle of red.
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