Every now and again you meet a mama who you kind of fall a little bit in love with, you know, in a totally spirit animal kind of way. For me, that happened at a Mothers Meeting Business Club when I happened to sit next to the gorgeous Keely Coburn. Mama to three girls, including twins, Keely founded Mama's Little Secret when she struggled to find breastfeeding tops that were stylish and practical and despite having twins attached to both boobs most of the time, she launched her first collection. Since then, she's grown her business between the naps and nappies...and what's more she's a bloody lovely lady.

Keely is mama to Moli (4) and twins Connie and Kitty (2)
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WHAT IS // mama's little secret?:

Currently a range of fashionable breast feeding tops, which mean you don’t have to compromise on style! I say 'currently' as I’ve a few new things in the pipe line, hopefully coming out this summer!

HOW DID // mama's little secret COME TO BE?

When breast feeding my first, I found it really hard finding something to wear that was stylish and functional, so I got creative and bought a sewing machine and made myself a few tops. Up until this point, I'd never sewn anything…but I knew that if I didn’t want the design copied I had to do it myself.

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BEST THING // ABOUT BEING mama's little secret?

Being my very own #mumboss and fitting work in around my family. It's also cool doing what I set out to do and being able to assist other mamas on their breast feeding journey.
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Different people inspire me on a daily basisl. So many people are dealing with different and difficult things everyday and still killing it...it makes me realise just how lucky I am. Plus all the mamas, papas and carers out there doing their thing. Raising little humans is a massive and tiring job…but not forgetting rewarding.


 YOUR FASHION STYLE: Hmmm….eclectic. Most days jeans and trainers (I have lots of trainers) but I also go from some key vintage pieces, to some very girlie items…definitely a mixed bag!! Wherever the mood takes me! YOUR PARENTING STYLE: I guess you could call it baby-led parenting...essentially you let them do what they want and make as much mess as they can and just stand back! My girls are all very strong willed, head strong, independent little ladies.


BRANDS: I'm a high-street queen! BEAUTY PRODUCT: I'm not really into products as such. I don’t know how to apply them half the time. I do love my perfumes though; my all time fave (and my wedding perfume) is Lolita Lempicka. BOOK OR FILM: I'm soooo rubbish at these questions! I like a lot of films but can never remember them when asked….I do like films that make you think like Interstellar. WAY TO RELAX: Drinking a nice strong cuppa, eating chocolate and watching Netflix. I'd like to be more rock and roll and say Prosecco, but as my girls still don’t sleep through, it's not a good idea to drink on a school night! HOLIDAY DESTINATION: I've been to many places and worked abroad but one place that has my heart is Ibiza. We got married there six years ago,and we’ve been partying there for over 20 years (God I’m old). The island is so magical and does something to me; it never fails to amaze me. I have so many good memories and now my girls love it too. When role playing, they’re always packing their bags to go to Ibiza on holiday!

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TEXT YOU SENT: To my cousin about my sister's hen do I’m trying to arrange. THING YOU ATE: Ham, coleslaw and rocket french stick. CALL YOU RECEIVED: Funnily enough from my husband...about my sister's hen do! THING YOU BOUGHT: Material, for a cupboard I’m shabby chic(ing) (as if that's even a word…)


My funny, whirlwind, clever girls of course….then my concealer, to cover my designer bags and my mum-anger breakouts!


Listen to your instincts…mama knows best. I'm really passionate about empowering mums to listen to their instincts. I’ve been through a few health issues with mine and things I’ve posted have helped other parents going through similar things. It's nice to be able to spread knowledge and save horrible outcomes.


FAIL: One of my worst  fails was lifting one of the twins up to smell her nappy, whilst standing under a door frame. Needless to say her head hit the underneath of the door and she burst into tears. Wouldn't have been so bad but I couldn’t even style it out as my Mum was watching me!
FABULOUS: Listening to your babies when they talk to other people and they are using their manners. That, and seeing them understand when someone is upset and trying to comfort them….makes my heart melt.


Ha! Well my usual one is dancing round the kitchen, like I’m still on stage. The girls stop and watch, then say, "No more dancing mum!!"


INSTAGRAM: @mamaslittlesecret TWITTER: @mamaslittlesecret FACEBOOK: facebook.com/mamaslittlesecret www.mamaslittlesecret.co.uk