Laura Williams is the founder of The Modern Nursery and all-round #mumboss oozing style, cool and sass. Having ditched her enviable job at leading British fashion brand, Burberry, after the reality of parenting and working became about as much fun as drinking bin juice, she launched The Modern Nursery. This is a beautiful shop for all things kids - think clean, Scandi-inspired style with more than a touch of pretty. We bloody love mamas building their own empires between naps and nappies so ladies and gents...let us introduce you to Laura Williams.

Laura is mama to Alba

WHAT IS // THE modern nursery?:

A social, multi-brand online store and blog showcasing contemporary nursery decor for cool babes and the chic Mama.

HOW DID // The modern nursery COME TO BE?

I set up The Modern Nursery when I was pregnant with my little girl Alba who is now 8 months old. I really struggled to find contemporary items for her nursery that fitted with my style and me, an ex East London girl with a career in the fashion industry at Burberry. I had a vision that all nurseries would be modern spaces with beautiful, hand picked contemporary items but the reality of what the high street offers is very different. I started to come across lots of talented small businesses on social media and decided to build a site that brought all of those up and coming, as well as established brands under one roof. A one stop shop to build your modern nursery.

The Modern Nursery is a very social community. We interact with our peers and customers through blogging, vlogging on YouTube, Pinterest, and we are always chatting on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter.



I can manage my own time. I worked 10-12 hour days at Burberry plus another 2 hours commuting. I left last month to grow the business and being in charge of my own time is liberating. If I want to meet my Mama friends for lunch, or take Alba on a daytrip, I can. I write Instagram posts and emails as I go and work every evening as soon as she falls asleep, often until the early hours.


People. The frankly amazing and awe inspiring colleagues I had at Burberry (I mean seriously, these guys worked their socks off and were incredible at their jobs). My husband is my mentor as well as my partner in crime, he works in social media and is the most genuine and smart person I’ve ever met. He’s incredibly relaxed about how much I work and supports me 100%.



 YOUR FASHION STYLE: I worked in the fashion industry for nearly 10 years, so I have spent the better part of a decade shopping. It used to be cage heels, skinny jeans and oversized shirts and now its monochrome, dungarees and Nikes. I love Scandinavian brands: Cos, H&M, Other Stories. You can never go wrong with Zara though.

 YOUR PARENTING STYLE: Playful. We are quite laid back. I think chilled, happy parents make a chilled, happy child – most of the time.


BRANDS: I’m going to pick some of my own from The Modern Nursery here because I spent the last year finding them! Lauvely create incredibly beautiful, knitted soft toys, Cam Cam Copenhagen make the most beautiful quilted blankets I have ever seen and Olive et Oriel totally kick ass with their typography quote prints. BEAUTY PRODUCT: Bobbi Brown Corrector. I cancel all plans and get in the car to drive to John Lewis the day this runs outs. Cannot. live. without. BOOK: The book “The Time Travellers Wife” as it inspired our daughter’s name. I read the book 10 years ago and couldn’t put it down. I am a sucker for a good love story. The couple in the book have a daughter and name her Alba. The second I turned the page and saw the name I knew that is what I wanted to call my daughter. It’s unusual yet so pretty. WAY TO RELAX: Drinking red wine with my husband whilst watching the latest Netflix series. We recently watched “Making a Murderer” Cra-zy. HOLIDAY DESTINATION: Thailand, I love the food, the beaches, the people, the sunshine, It is just the best place in the world.




TEXT YOU SENT: One to my closest group of mates arranging our girls night out in Ibiza this June. We’re all renting a villa and taking the babies. 6 adults and 4 babies. At least we are in the majority. THING YOU ATE: Dark chocolate. Obsessed. CALL YOU RECEIVED: My Dad. He still calls even though no one calls anymore. And he always leaves a voicemail. Only parents seem to do that!? THING YOU BOUGHT: A pair of metallic espadrilles for Ibiza. OH yeah.


Fine Little Day large muslin swaddles. These are the handiest item you will ever own as a new mum. I use mine every day still: as a pram cover, a breastfeeding cover, a swaddle, a burping cloth. This morning, I used it as a makeshift bib when we went out for Avocado on toast on a whim. I hadn’t packed bibs (you always forget something right?) I have three on rotate and can’t leave the house without one.


“If you don’t ask, you don’t get”.


FAIL: Alba took a dive for the edge of the bed whilst I was posting on Instagram. I caught her by the skin of my teeth.
FABULOUS: A family holiday to Dubai when Alba was 4 months old. It was kind of crazy but she loved every minute.


Catchy pop music. I’m not even apologetic about it. It’s called “popular” for a reason.


INSTAGRAM: @themodernnursery TWITTER: @T_ModernNursery FACEBOOK: facebook.com/themodernnursery www.themodernnursery.com