Hannah Saunders may be a mama but she hasn't abandoned her partying ways. Founder of Big Fish Little Fish, she's gone from being a 24hr party person to a 2-4 hour party person and what a successful shift it's been. Putting on raves for Small people, Saunders has gone out of her way to recreate the anarchic, free and energetic atmosphere of those long-gone all night dance sessions we once enjoyed meaning we can revel in nostalgia (without the hangover) while our kids run themselves ragged. That, my friends, is what they call a win-win. Having launched in Brixton, Big Fish Little Fish now offer events across the country giving parents and Smalls something different to fill their weekends with. Here's to Hannah...the party mama.

Hannah is mama to Winter (6) and Atticus (4)

WHAT IS // big fish little fish?:

A weekend, afternoon family rave for families with 0-8 year olds.  Designed as much for adults as children they are social, creative, anarchic, daft and a lot of fun. Top name DJs play music (classic rave, techno, house, hip hop, drum 'n'bass, funk and disco) aimed at the parents with bubbles, glitter, balloons and the legendary parachute dance - plus themed crafts, fancy dress, play and chill areas for babies and toddlers, free glowsticks and transfer tattoos!  Held in licensed premises from clubs to museums.  We have around 5-800 people at each one.

HOW DID // Big fish little fish COME TO BE?

I had given up my (completely different) career and was taking care of my two young children.  Baby groups were nice but a bit dull and yet we all had amazing times at festivals. I had been taking my children since they were weeks old. I'm an old clubber and wanted to share my love of dance music with my children - as well as to get to hear it again myself in the environment it is meant to be played. So I decided to create the thing I wanted to take my own family too - something about fun and freedom but enjoying things together.

BEST THING // ABOUT BEING big fish little fish?

The people I get to meet.  Both the lovely team that work on it and those who attend.  It really seems to be life transforming for some.  One woman said she hadn't been out since 2012!  It's so nice to do something that basically makes people happy.  Plus I get to text legendary DJs asking them to wear santa hats for Xmas specials.


Jaw droppingly creative people like David Bowie, Grayson Perry, Jeremy Dellar, Alexander McQueen and Iain Banks.  I also find old films and documentaries fascinating and love hanging out at the Mediateque at the BFI finding things about music hall or local history (I live in Brixton).


 YOUR FASHION STYLE: Children's TV presenter on acid by way of Dita Von Teese and Pat Butcher.

 YOUR PARENTING STYLE: Will-try-anything-in-sheer-desperation but thankfully my partner is the primary caregiver.  I tend to give them sweets the moment they are left in my sole care.


BRANDS: Pioneer, Technics, Sennheiser, Korg, Optikinetics BEAUTY PRODUCT: Liquid eyeliner.  Been using for 35 years. Have switched from Rimmel to Bourgeois though. FILM: Should say Casablanca (which I do genuinely love every line of) but if I'm home alone I'd probably pop on X Men: First Class WAY TO RELAX: Nice bath with bubbles then film or box set with wine and a shout at the telly with my partner.  If really needing to unwind iPad on bed watching episodes of Buffy. HOLIDAY DESTINATION: Argh!  Can't choose.  Long haul either India or US road trip, shorter haul Morocco or Scottish highlands. Also - Glastonbury Festival.  Holiday from life.



TEXT YOU SENT: To someone potentially booking BFLF for Glastonbury Festival. THING YOU ATE: Last night's spam bol for lunch. CALL YOU RECEIVED: Partner calling from school pick up asking if I thought he should take the kids to the park rather than bring them home. THING YOU BOUGHT: Blue hair dye.


Hmm, in a non-people sense - my computer with all my photos and music on.  Also the eyeliner (see above).



Never go to London (from a careers advisor).  I thought she was a twit so thought it must be PERFECT so moved here in 1987 and didn't look back.


FAIL: Too many to pick just one but my 4 year old saying he won't learn to drive because he doesn't want to beep people and call them "idiots" all the time is but a recent highlight.
FABULOUS: Well my 6 year old just managed to eat dinner at her Granny's without screaming, pinching her brother or saying "yuck" and even managed to say "thank you" before getting down from the table.  That's about as good as it gets.  It's the small wins.


Pot Noodles - but I don't feel really guilty about it. Also eating Nutella out of the jar with a spoon whilst sat on sofa watching telly.


INSTAGRAM: @bflfevents TWITTER: @bflfevents FACEBOOK: facebook.com/bigfishlittlefishevents www.bigfishlittlefishevents.co.uk