I've always been a little nervous about reviews - what if the stuff they send me is shit? Balancing integrity and the lovely feeling you get when you receive free stuff is a professional minefield but this wasn't a problem when it came to Kokoso Baby. The lovely #mumboss Lauren Taylor had just launched her coconut oil company and was blazing the trail. Yes, we were cooking our vegan curries in it but we weren't yet slathering it all over our babies and ourselves. She changed all that, and Kokoso Baby is now kicking ass in Boots stores all over the country. So, join me as we find out WHO // IS Lauren Taylor, the beauty behind Kokoso Baby.

Lauren is mama to Seren (3) and Lois (2).

WHAT IS // KOKOSO baby?:

Kokoso Baby is the premium organic coconut oil specially selected for head-to-toe baby skincare (by a very picky mum!)


Like most new mums, I was worried about the chemicals in mainstream baby toiletries. So when my little girl developed dry skin and cradle cap I wanted to find something natural and organic to treat it.

I was a total coconut oil novice at this stage – but was literally blown away by how it made her skin feel and the amazing multitude of uses! I put it in the bath, used it as a nappy cream, baby massage oil and body moisturiser. All with amazing results.

I started buying jars of raw virgin coconut oil as new baby gifts and found myself giving a sales pitch about all the benefits and uses (there are many!) to justify why I’d bought something that looked more at home in the pantry than the nursery.

And then it struck me that not just me and my friends, but all parents needed to ditch the chemicals and replace the many baby lotions and potions with the all-mighty multipurpose coconut oil.

Around the same time I was made redundant from my job as a copywriter. I had a one-year-old and was pregnant with number 2, but decided to take a huge risk and use my compensation package to make my business idea a reality.

I knew I had to source the very highest grade of coconut oil – because only the best will do for babies. You see, depending on how they’re made, there’s a real difference in the fragrance, texture and feel of different coconut oils on your skin.

It would also need to be packaged appropriately for a babycare product (i.e. not in the potentially dangerous heavy glass jars I’d been giving my friends) and branded in a way that appealed to new mums. As I was one of those, I knew I was the mama for the job!

That was three years ago and a lot of coconut oil, sweat and tears have gone into being where we are today. But it’s worth it. Since launching we’ve received some great industry awards and get messages every day from parents who love the product.


Seeing Kokoso (my third child) on the shelves of Boots within a year of launching. Proud mama moment!


To get Kokoso into Boots I applied to a Dragons’ Den style competition called ‘Inspired by Baby’ for parents with ideas for products inspired by their little ones. So the answer to this question has to be my children!


 YOUR FASHION STYLE: Unfussy. Today it’s black Topshop jeans, a bright pink t-shirt by VILA and leopard print Superga trainers.

 YOUR PARENTING STYLE:Gentle parenting. And just trying to give them the best grounding possible so they can handle whatever this crazy world throws at them!


BEAUTY PRODUCT: Can I say Kokoso!? HOLIDAY DESTINATION: There’s this amazing little coconut farm in Thailand… BOOK:A Thousand Splendid Suns. WAY TO RELAX: I can’t remember the last time I relaxed… in another life we watched TV in the evenings. I’d like to do that again some time please!


Coconut oil! I use it for everything.


There are only so many things you can achieve in one day so slow down, BREATHE, prioritise, and carry out those select jobs to the best of your ability.


FAIL: Letting my 9-month-old grab hold of my hot coffee in a café and pour it over herself, and then being so flustered and upset about it that when I drove the short journey home I forgot to do up her belt in the car seat! Double. Parent. Fail. (She was fine on both counts but I didn’t tell my husband the last part!)
FABULOUS: Words can’t describe how fabulous these two cheeky monkeys are, so I'll let the photo at the top do the talking.


Spending a small fortune on coffee whenever I leave the house.

Kokoso Baby is available at Boots and www.kokoso.co.uk for £7.99. Use the discount code NOT SO SMUG NOW to enjoy 20% off any purchase at Kokoso.co.uk