Siobhan Miller is one of those annoyingly beautiful people on the inside and out. She's got this sort of calm aura which you can't help but get sucked into from which, highly strung people like me, could learn a great deal. I think I'm busy. I am living everyday on a paradise island with a full entourage to cater to my every need compared to this lady. With an 8 year old, a 9 month old and the third on the way, she did what we'd all do: took on a degree in Psychology, ran her blog The Double Mama, launched a couple of amazing charity appeals and has most recently set up her own hypnobirthing business, The Positive Birth Company. Read on to find out what fuels this mama's insatiable appetite for life.

Siobhan is mama to Oisin and Arlo

WHAT IS // THe double mama:

The Double Mama is a blog about motherhood written by me - @the_double_mama. I’m a Mama to 2 boys (hence the name). My eldest is almost 9 and my youngest is 1. I’m actually soon going to be  ‘upgrading’ to a Triple Mama as I’m currently pregnant with number 3 - another boy!!


A few years ago I used to write a blog about life as a single Mum who was juggling full time work with raising a child but that came to a natural end when I met my boyfriend and started to feel less like a single parent. Then when I was pregnant with my second I started reading lots of blogs written by Mums and realised I missed writing my own. Mine is not a huge blog and I’m not the most prolific poster but I enjoy writing and it’s always so lovely when you get some positive feedback. I love hearing that people found something I wrote funny or useful - that makes my day. And also I like being part of the blogging community that I have gotten so much from - it’s a really supportive network of Mums. Aaaand I like having a record of this time of my life, because I think it’s pretty special. So even if nobody ever read my blog again, I’m happy I’ve got it to look back on when I’m old.


I love being a Mama. Like really love it. Sure there are dark days and I shout too much and say stuff I regret but mostly I love it. I’ve been a Mum for almost a decade now and can’t really remember what life was like before I was responsible for another human. Becoming a Mum for the second time has been a purely joyful experience as everything has been easier. I don’t know if that’s down to it being second time or me being older or just me getting lucky and being blessed with a super easy baby. Maybe a combination of it all. It makes me feel choked to think about when they all grow up and leave me. I don’t know what I will do. I want this period to last forever. I know being a Mum to my boys is the most significant thing I’m ever going to do with my life so I never want to wish the time away.


All the amazing Mamas out there!! Too many to mention all but I’m massively inspired by those that have managed to set up successful businesses whilst raising little ones such as Hollie of London Hypnobirthing aka The Yes Mum and Lydia and Anna the superwomen behind Tiba and Marl. Jenny who runs Mothers Meeting is amazing. Steph of Don’t Buy Her Flowers, Kelly of Cult of Youth, Molly of Selfish Mother, Carrie of Mere Soeur, then all the Mums who write brilliant blogs like Anna - Mother Pukka, Clemmie T - Mother of All Lists, Zoe - Dress Like A Mum and of course Cat - Not So Smug Now. Then there’s my friend Clemmie H who will soon have 4 girls, works full time as a midwife, writes the blog Gas and Air and is also writing a book (!!). I mean WTF? That’s incredible.


 YOUR FASHION STYLE: I’m not sure I have a style?! Eclectic maybe? I’ve spent the last 2 years either pregnant or breastfeeding so it’s kind of difficult to remember how I dressed when I didn’t have to accommodate a bump or milk-filled boobs. I’d so love to be able to raid Zoe’s (DLAM’s) wardrobe.

 YOUR PARENTING STYLE: Contradictory? I think I’m both liberal and strict and swing between the two in a way I wouldn’t necessarily recommend. Mostly I’m just winging it, all of the time.


BEAUTY PRODUCT: Estee Lauder foam cleanser and BB cream HOLIDAY DESTINATION: France every time. It’s not very exotic but it’s got sun and it’s got snow and it’s easy to get to. I love skiing and snowboarding and go every year. I’d definitely choose a winter hol over summer one! BOOK or FILM: Book every time but I don’t have favourites. I used to read loads of brilliant books but I never revisit. Same with films; I can enjoy one but I never rewatch. WAY TO RELAX: Relax? What’s that?! ;) My boyfriend says I’m like a shark;  if I don’t keep moving, I’m dead. Sometimes I will take some time out to read a Grazia with a cuppa (I have a subscription and there’s a backlog building) but the only time I really relax is when I go to sleep and for that James (my boyfriend) will read me a relaxation script or I will listen to Hollie’s lovely voice in the form of her relaxation MP3 for hypnobirthing.


TEXT YOU SENT: To my friend Lucy asking for her to help me choose between two rug options - exciting times. CALL YOU RECEIVED: James because he went out for the night and didn’t take his keys… luckily for him I’m a night owl. THING YOU BOUGHT: Some prints from the Tate earlier today. THING YOU ATE: Halloumi fajita.


My phone. Sad but true. (And my kids of course but that goes without saying).


A music teacher back when I was in year 7 told us to grab every opportunity we were offered and make the most of our time (at school). That has stuck with me and I think I do try and really live my life. I believe you only regret the things you didn’t do and never the things you did… so I try and do everything. Along the same lines I really like this quote from Roald Dahl:

❝I began to realise how important it was to be an enthusiast in life. He taught me that if you are interested in something, no matter what it is, go at it at full speed ahead. Embrace it with both arms, hug it, love it and above all become passionate about it. Lukewarm is no good. Hot is no good either. White hot and passionate is the only thing to be.❞


FAIL: Oisin has been glued back together in A&E many times. Arlo ate a happy meal at approx 9 months old (desperate motorway times call for desperate measures). I’m not going to be winning any parenting awards any time soon.
FABULOUS: My healing and empowering homebirth. I gave birth in front of the Christmas tree without any pain relief clouding the experience. It was magical.


Oh God too many to mention. I eat bad food ALL THE TIME. I spend way too much time on my phone, namely scrolling Instagram, when I should be parenting my kids. The Shame.