Is Twinning Really Winning?


Earlier this week, Queen Bey and Blue Ivy wore matching swimsuits. It's impossible that you missed this news because they basically broke Instagram but while Kim Kardashian wondered what on earth she had left to live for for a moment there, I got thinking about whether matching your Mum to your Mini-Me really is mega.2B904BA500000578-3206683-image-a-57_1440202456749Fortunately Instagram survived. I'm not sure the same can be said for style. While it's cutesy and fun to wear the same thing for an amusing photo op is it actually ok to wear the same clothes as your Small while you go about your everyday life?

There are companies - cool, lovely, creative, homemade companies - that are creating twinning outfits for millennial mamas and their Smalls and, while the clothes are cute and totally wearable I'm just not sure they (or you) can survive the unavoidable fact that a mini you has just sneezed goobers all over her mini-me version.

3295a8a90895871adcbda45f224457edWhat are we really saying when we twin up? I literally have nothing better to do than hunt down cutesy matching outfits? I actually WANT to wear the same thing as my toddler AT THE SAME TIME? Or are we just saying, "Look at me! Look at me! How goddamn cool and cute are we?" Celebrity-Moms-Daughters-Wearing-Matching-Clothes The jury is out. Maybe I'm just being a bit of a grumpy cow (always a distinct possibility) but maybe, just maybe, we shouldn't be wearing the same clothes as our kids?