Tiba + Marl-vellous


This won't take long. I've said it before and I'll say it again - there's a revolution a-happening and it's being led by two women who are giving their everything into launching the best baby-bag company ever. My name is on one and if you're about to have a baby, this is the best money you'll ever spend.

Plus, these girls are working their cajones off to create a successful business from scratch which we are all about applauding. A sexy preview of their collection last week at the Mini Edit pop-up at 19 Beauchamp Place revealed the magic they really are making. Launching in the next couple of weeks, this small and dreamy start-up is going to do big, big things in the world of mama-style.

Like them on Instagram. Like them on Facebook. Hook up with them on Twitter and then head to their website to pre-order your bag.

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Image courtesy of Tiba+Marl