Blogging Is Just Like Bikram. Obvs.


It may not seem like the most logical connection to make, but as I spend most of my time either being a momma, writing blogs, or doing hot yoga, it was an inevitable one. So, as the title says, blogging is just like Bikram. Up until recently, I've been very proud of everything that I have written. So proud in fact that I've basically abandoned all my dignity and asked everyone I know to nominate my humble blog for the Fresh Voice category in the Brilliance in Blogging awards...but I digress. I have always been proud of the fact that I can stand by everything I've ever written and defend it unquestionably. I'm even proud of my early blogs, in which I hardly recognise the person writing because I was obviously still so close to the raw emotional face punch that was the initiation into motherhood to really maintain a fully healthy distance...I stand by them and I'm proud of them because they are raw and honest (a family member even called me to ask if I was sure I wanted to be publishing these things on the internet).

Yes. I was sure. I am sure.

But, the other day, I wrote a blog that had a mixed reaction. While my intentions were (and always are) honourable, it's likely that, on reflection, I could have handled my emotions slightly better. Instead of being open-minded, I wrote a blog that was the equivalent of an angry head-butt and while I still have a bee in my bonnet about offending embroidered item, I should have perhaps taken time to empathise, to imagine and to wonder what on earth this woman was thinking before slating her indiscriminately.

You see, there's a million reasons why she did what she did only one of which is that she's a smug-momma with no consideration for other people's feelings. She may have come through a shit-storm of sore nipples, mastitis, colic, sleepless nights, napless days, nappy rash and could just be really proud of what she's achieved. It may be borne from insecurity - an emotion that in any mother is totally unjustified and usually borne from withering under the scrutiny of other's judgement - in which case I have to ask myself...why does she feel the need to defend her choices? Why do we even care what other babies are fed and where they sleep and what, for the love of all that is holy, they have wrapped around their butts?

So, to the momma with the personalised cloth go for it. Be proud. Shout it from the rooftops. My previous blog was guilty of what I've been imploring the rest of you not to do. I called her Miss Smug Socks...but failed to sign off as Miss Judgy Knickers.

So what if she's smug? If she is, it's only a result of the bigger problem - the lack of sisterhood, the lack of love and the overwhelming competition that exists within parenting.

So, back to my original point - blogging is just like Bikram. You can be in that hot room one day and feel awesome. You can nail all those 26 poses and walk away feeling like you could kick the shit out of the world. The next day, your body betrays you, the room feels three times hotter than normal and you leave after the standing series to spew.

Nine times out of ten, I nail my blogs and I'm happy with them. Occasionally, I spew instead of write and for that I'm sorry.

Oh, and just as an FYI. Neither blogging nor Bikram should be done on an empty stomach.