I'm A Selfish Mother


Are you a selfish mother? If not, then you should probably get on board quick. Selfish Mother is my latest not-at-all guilty pleasure with real words written by real mommas telling it how it really it...which of course, you know I'm all about. Not only are they doing parents around the world a serious public service by cutting through the bullshit surrounding parenthood, they are also literally trying to change the world too. Editor Molly Gunn is the genius behind the site and has started selling some awesome 'Mother' merch to raise funds for WomenForWomen so, she's not only brilliant but pretty damn compassionate too.


Not only are the t-shirts uber cool, they are also raising awareness for women the world over who have lost everything in war-torn areas. WomenForWomen help these women by investing in their education and their skills to make them self-sufficient, which is a pretty cool thing.

So, if you haven't got yours already then get it now and post the pic of you wearing it on all and every social media platform you've got going on.

Here's mine!