Ex-Company President Says, "I'm Sorry Mommas!"


No one knows as well as me what a shock becoming a mother is...except, of course, maybe Katharine Zaleski. Zaleski is a young woman, mother and ex-uber achiever in the corporate world. Now, she's the president of PowerToFly - a company she founded after becoming a mommas and has one thing to say to all the working mothers she encountered before her own child was born: I'm sorry. It's a really great article for one reason. Zaleski is not afraid to hold her hands up and say, "I fucked up." She admits to being judgemental, unfair and disloyal to the sisterhood. Despite this, she's also pretty ace because she's stood up and said, "I was wrong." In doing so, she's suddenly gone viral and mothers all around the world are applauding her.

She's only doing what I'm trying to do - albeit rather more successfully - which is to say, she's trying to remove the bullshit that surrounds motherhood and she's saying, "It is hard. It's harder for women than men. Working environments quite simply, are tailored to support mothers." She, like myself, had a baby and went through a transformation that forced us to reconsider the respect we paid to mothers, fathers, parents (working or not) the world over.

She's had the balls to apologise and for that I applaud her. More young women should take note. I wish I'd been more understanding of working mothers so, while I'm on the subject, I'm sorry too.