Does My Baby Look Big In This?


I have a chubby baby. She's a real podge. She's squidgy. She has bracelets all the way up her arm and her little legs resemble those of a prop forward. She's got massive cheeks, a couple of chins and hands with knuckle dimples. She's not off 'the weight scale' (whatever THAT is all about), health visitors are happy with her, but lots of other people seem to have a problem with my chubby baby...or they make a huge point of pretending they don't have a problem. You see there's a problem in baby world that is a bit weird. Women don't want their babies to be fat/chubby. They want skinny babies. It's linked, I have no doubt, to all the formula bollocks about how it makes babies and toddlers fat, but our obsession with being skinny is being passed down to our kids.

I know a momma who actually said, "I couldn't stand it if I have a chubby baby. I need him to be thin."


I can't tell you the amount of people that come up to me and say things like, "Oh don't's are supposed to be chubby." Erm, I wasn't worried but thanks for pointing that out. Also, another favourite, "Wow, she's a big girl isn't she?" Actually, no. She isn't. She's within (what's considered) healthy boundaries and would you go up to a full size human being and say, "Wow, you're a big girl aren't you?"

My baby's size is the FIRST thing anyone EVER mentions and she's not even THAT big. If this is what we are worried about when we see a happy, smiling, gorgeous baby girl who says, 'Uh oh' whenever she drops something, or who boops you on the nose the moment she meets you, or who plays Peekaboo like a pro then there is something seriously wrong with our perspective.