I Parked Like A Twat/Mother


So today I went to look at a nursery. It's a nursery set in the grounds of our local hospital - Northwick Park. As with every hospital, it's easier to park at Wembley Stadium on the night of a One Direction gig but the parking gods were on my side. There was one sorry looking little space for me. It wasn't going to be easy - the space was between a pillar and a BMW - but I had no choice. I shimmied and shifted my way in. I got out and went to get the Small out only to realise that the pillar was blocking her door. So, I got back in the car.

I shimmied and shifted a little bit more and managed to finally get the car into a spot where I could get out (it was tight but possible) and still fit my baby through the small gap on the other side.

At this point, it would only be fair to mention that there are no parent/baby parking spaces. I don't know why. I'm sure the hospital know what they are doing. After all, I managed to make it work, right?


The guy who owned the BMW next to me was pissed. REALLY pissed. He was so pissed that he had to take an extra three seconds to get carefully in and out of his car that he decided to take action. By the time I got back to my car, he was nowhere to be seen, but his handy work was evident everywhere.

He had decided that the best way to deal with this was to first of all bang his door against my car. Then, just to make his point, he got out his keys and scratched it all the way down the side. As if that hadn't made his point clearly, he bent my wing mirror back on itself and cracked the casement in the process and JUST IN CASE I hadn't got the idea, he wrote me a note on a Costa napkin that was succinct and to the point. "Twat!"

Now, don't get me wrong. My car was close to his but unless he was REALLY fat he would have been able to get in the car. It may not have been as easy as he would have liked but it was possible. I know because I checked. Even if I'd been a real "twat" and parked it so that the only way he could access his car was through his fucking sunroof, I'm not sure his response would have been justified.

Regardless, the point is simple. PROVIDE PARENT/BABY SPACES. I know that lots of people will say, "Oh we never had them in our day, and we managed." Well, great. Good on you. They also didn't have penicillin and vaccinations - that doesn't mean it was OK. There's no reason why they shouldn't provide these spaces. I don't care if they are the spaces furthest away from the front door. Honestly, I don't care whether they are across the road and down the hill...my car was vandalised today because I had to shimmy and shift myself and my baby out of the car.

There was no CCTV. There's no way I'll ever know who did it and there's no way they'll ever get the justice they deserve...but karma is a bitch.