Not So Smug Now is a lifestyle blog for women, mothers and parents. It aims to support, share and spread some joy. Cat Sims is a mum to two girls, a wife to a musician, the co-founder of creative marketing agency Hustle & Fox and a writer and content creator. She lives in London.

“Not So Smug Now started as a way for me to process motherhood. I found the transition from ‘me’ to parenting incredibly difficult. I was left feeling isolated, lonely and lost. I had no idea what I was or what I was supposed to be doing so I did the only thing I knew to do: write.

The first blog I ever posted had over 3,500 hits in one day and I realised I had found my people. After that, Not So Smug Now grew and with it came a community of women, most of them parents, who understood the power of kindness over competition, of support over silence.

Now, Not So Smug Now is still there to support mothers, but what I have discovered on the journey is that ‘mother’ is just one thing I am. I am also a business owner, a writer, a wife, a woman who loves style. I want this blog to be the go-to spot for modern women made up of a million different parts.”